Year 11 Te Ara Tika (Right Pathways)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr J. Sharp

This course is designed for year 11 students to enhance the life skills of students through practical reflection, activity, and leadership.

The course will run as an addition to your normal 6 subject lines and involve 1 day out of class each fortnight. It is important that you are prepared to commit to this prior to signing up.

Anticipated Aims:
Team building to achieve/select goals
Allowing students to take control, build leadership and direct their their own learning
Being visible in the community in positive ways
Academic support and mentoring
Enhance Hauora
Stress management, planning, goal setting
Identifying and enhancing leadership
Developing community and cultural links
Preparation for employment

Students will participate and lead in a variety of activities that will take place throughout the year including:
Outdoor experiences
Snow Caving, Tramping
Charitable Work
Community Work
Project leadership
Peer based learning and support