Year 11 Geography/History

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What you need to be able to do and know to achieve in this subject: You should be curious and interested in why things are where they are and why people do what they do.  A knowledge of the news - what is going on in the world and where - is always useful in this subject. It will help if you are positive about your learning, keen to succeed in an academic subject, willing to put in the effort and to seek help to succeed at the highest level you are capable of.


This course is a combination of some Geography standards and some History standards.

Who is this subject intended for:
This course is for students who have an interest in people and places and who want to understand the changing world around them. It also deals with the past by connecting students with the wider world as they develop their own identities and sense of place.

What you will learn in this subject:
Transferable skills including thinking; writing; conducting inquiry; exploring values; goal setting; plus, interpreting and constructing visuals such as graphs and maps. You will use both human and physical geography to study the sustainable use of resources of Fiordland and tourism at Mt Cook.

History is a research-based subject where the skills of inquiry will be fully developed. You will be able to interpret and understand a wide range of resources and to communicate effectively in different ways. The course should help you to become confident around questioning as well as to develop empathy for others.

To help understand how the natural environment works, you will learn about the causes and effects of earthquakes, with a focus on the Canterbury earthquakes.

New Zealand has experienced a number of disasters in the 20th Century such as the Influenza Pandemic 1918 and Ballantynes fire 1947. You will investigate the causes and effects of events such as these as well as focus on race relations in the U.S.A and New Zealand. These will help you to understand local, national and global histories

Where this subject will lead:
Skills: Geography/History will help you develop an increasing awareness of your responsibilities towards other people and to the environment. The course will set you up with the foundation skills and knowledge to advance to higher levels of Geography and History. You will gain credits towards NCEA with all standards counting towards literacy and some towards numeracy. 

Learning Areas:

Social Science

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This course may have an optional component which will require payment.