Year 12 Physics

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs A. Herbert

Who is this subject intended for:
Students who have completed Level 1 Science, or at teacher’s discretion.

What you will learn in this subject:
● Skills:
Students are given opportunities to develop investigative, research and critical thinking skills
● Content:
○ Investigations
○ Waves
○ Mechanics
○ Radioactivity
○ Research

Where this subject will lead:
Level 3 Physics and subsequently to university courses. Other areas are mechanical engineering and electrical and electronics courses at polytechnic or to pre-entry courses for university studies.
Careers involving physics e.g. Medical Physics, Geophysics, Engineering, Electronics, Computing.


Year 13 Physics

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Workbook, Revision Guide, Field trip.

Recommended Prior Learning

What you need to be able to do and know to achieve in this subject:
To achieve in this subject students would have completed Year 11 Science
This course includes topics such as; Light, Lenses, Waves, Forces, Projectile Motion, Radioactivity, Static Electricity, D.C. Electricity, Electromagnetism.