Year 13 Materials Technology - Hard Materials

Course Description

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Above all else, you need to be self-motivated. This is an exciting opportunity for you to get out of this subject as much as you are prepared to put in. You need to be able to work hard, take instruction and carry out practical and theory tasks that are set.

In this Materials Technology course, the focus will be on carpentry related Level 3 BCATS standards. 

Who is this subject for?

Completion of Level 2 BCATS standards are a prerequisite. This subject is aimed toward those students who are seriously considering a career in the trades or heading into trades training after school. Strong self-management skills, the ability to make independent decisions and to act responsibly in the workshop is also required.

What will you learn in this subject?

Students will design, develop and complete a suitable project in consultation with the teacher. This process should allow students the opportunity to complete a range of standards listed below (Lvl 3: 40 credits).

  • US 29684 - Undertake a Stage 3 BCATS project (12 credits)

  • US 29677 - Follow safe workplace practices, and contribute to a health and safety culture, in a BCATS environment (2 credits)

  • US 29678 - Demonstrate knowledge of, select, and use materials for a Stage 3 BCATS project (4 credits)

  • US 29679 - Develop and use BCATS project documentation for a Stage 3 BCATS project (8 credits)

  • US 29680 - Communicate and work collaboratively in a Stage 3 BCATS project (5 credits)

  • US 29681 - Measure and calculate for a Stage 3 BCATS project (3 credits)

  • US 29682 - Select, use, and maintain tools, equipment and machinery for a Stage 3 BCATS project (4 credits)

  • US 29683 - Incorporate other building, construction and allied trades into a Stage 3 BCATS project schedule (2 credits)

Where will this subject lead?

This subject may lead into tertiary trades training or a wide range of job- and career opportunities.

Learning Areas:


Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Contributions / Other Details
Material costs reflect the advanced nature of the projects and the costs of the materials involved. However, there are ways in which costs can be kept down and you will need to discuss all of the options with your teacher.