Year 11 Materials Technology - Hard Materials

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms P. Ellis

This course can be taken as a full year option (16-33 credits) OR as a Semester option (Semester 1: 12 credits)

Who is this subject intended for:

This subject is intended for those students who enjoy working in a practical workshop environment. You will enjoy working with your hands and finding out about how things work.

Students will have the opportunity to gain:

US 12927 - Select and Maintain Hand Tools Lvl 2 Cr 6
US 24354 - Safe Work Practices Lvl 2 Cr 4
US 12932 - Garden Furniture Lvl 2 Cr 8
US 24350 - Power Tools Lvl 2 Cr 6 
US 24361 - Mathmatical Processes Lvl  2 Cr 3
US 25921 - Make a Cupboard Lvl 2 Cr 6

What you will learn in this subject:

● Skills:

o You will work with a variety of materials to complete projects. o You will learn how to safely use the various tools and machines required to complete your project

o You will develop the foundation documentation skills needed for study at higher levels in MTE

Where this subject will lead: Materials Technology – Lvl 2 and is the entry level for TRAC Lvl 3

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Material costs reflect the advanced nature of the projects and the costs of the materials involved. However, there are ways in which costs can be kept down and you will need to discuss all of the options with your teacher.

Recommended Prior Learning

The essential requirement for success in Materials Technology, is that you enjoy working in a practical environment. You need to be able to watch and listen and then put into practise what you have learnt. 

Students that have success in this course are able to embrace and model Opihi College CARE values.

MTE 201 has very clear linkage to TRAC 301