Year 11 Health

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss A. Haines

Who is this subject intended for:
This course is available for all year 11 and 12 students who are interested in a career in any Health promoting sector. Both internal and external standards are available, 16 credits internal, 8 external. 24 Credits are available, however students will be offered 20 credits. This allows students the option of taking one external paper worth 4 credits.

What you will learn in this subject:
Health is a valued subject where students learn about themselves, their identity, strengths and attributes in a safe and inclusive environment. This course aims to establish relationships and understanding for students to become knowledgeable and reflective about their personal health and well-being, while gaining mana and confidence to grow into a resilient and strong individual. These objectives accommodate other curriculum subjects such as Physical Education, English and Te Ao Māori. This course is an influential platform for the students to be engaged with New Zealand’s multicultural society.

Health Promotion:
Health promotion requires involvement of all members surrounding an individual (students, teachers, whānau, and other community members). In this course, students will use health promotion techniques to learn and teach others about safe and healthy environments. Through acknowledging socio-ecological perspectives and the ability to implement multiple attitudes and values, students will learn about the different affects society has on them, other people and their wider community.

Where this subject will lead:
Students interested in health promotion careers such as nursing, youth workers, community/social workers, physical education, teaching, counselling, nutrition and more.

Recommended Prior Learning

The underlying concept of Hauora (well-being) will be investigated through effects on personal, interpersonal and societal influences.