Year 12 Agriculture Academy

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs S. Robson

Recommended Prior Learning

Agriculture at Year 12 is a continuation of Level 1 Agriculture

This course requires 1 option.
Who is this subject intended for:
Students who qualify for Year 2 of the Agriculture Academy programme will hopefully complete their New Zealand Certificate in Primary Industry skills (Level 2). These students will take part in a work placement one day a week in a primary industry workplace and will work through assessments depending on their industry (dairy, sheep, cattle, deer).

Students who do not qualify for the Agriculture Academy will complete a selection of achievement and unit standards, depending on student interest.

Both variations of Year 12 Agriculture will prepare students for careers in the primary industries and broaden ideas about what is involved.

Practical courses will be number dependent.

Students who qualify for the Academy will need to be well organised as work missed on placement days must be caught up on.

All students taking this course will need to be able to work well both independently and in groups. Students will also need to develop sound research skills.

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Year 13 Agriculture