Year 12 Geography/History

Course Description

Who is this subject intended for:
This course is for students who want to make sense of a complex and changing world and their place in it- to develop a deeper understanding of people and places and the connections between each. It is also for students who are interested in understanding why things are the way they are, using studies of people, places and events of the past to help explain the present. Our heritage helps define who we are so it is important to look back as well as to look forward.

What you will learn in this subject:
Transferable skills such as critical thinking; inquiry / research; writing; exploring values; goal setting; interpreting and constructing visuals such as graphs and maps, the ability to interpret and understand a wide range of resource material; how to communicate clearly and effectively using a range of written and oral presentation methods. Essay writing is a key skill that you will develop. 

Topics that support two main branches of the subject- Physical and Human Geography- will be studied. You will develop an understanding of the natural environment of the South Island High Country with a field trip to Mt Cook for three days. An investigation into into the geographical issue of 1080. You will also look at a global issue of Malaria, identifying the causes and the effect this has on people and places.

The theme of Conspiracy and Controversy will also be studied.

Recommended Prior Learning

What you need to be able to do and know to achieve in this subject: It will be helpful if you have done the foundation Level 1 course. You can pick the subject up at this level, but you need to have good literacy and numeracy skills as it is an academic subject. A curious nature will help, as you seek help to understand the wider world. You must have a commitment to doing the best you can so that you can succeed at the highest level to you. You should be willing to participate fully in the course if you are to get the most out of it.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

This course may have an optional component which will require payment.