Year 12 English

Course Description

This course can run as a semester or full year option

Who is this subject intended for:
•English 201: Both internal and external standards - ten standards are available but it is expected that students will be offered and attempt, no more than 18 credits.
•English 202: Achievement standards, and / or Communication Skills standards - students will be offered 15-18 credits, all of which are internally assessed.

Students who wish to study at University must gain U E Literacy (5 reading and 5 writing credits) in order to attain their University Entrance. These Literacy credits may be gained through selected Level 2 or 3 English standards and from other Level 2/3 subjects.

What you will learn in this subject:
Year 12 builds on the skills you learnt and developed in Year 11.
The course is based on the Making Meaning strand (Reading, Listening, Viewing) and the Creating Meaning strand (Writing, Speaking, Presenting) from the New Zealand Curriculum. You will write in a range of styles, read and analyse written and visual texts, create a visual text and deliver a speech to gain both internal and external credits.

Where this subject will lead:
Passing English at Level 2 may give you the Literacy credits required for University Entrance and will provide the foundation for study at Level 3 and beyond school.

Recommended Prior Learning

What you need to be able to do and know to achieve in this subject:
To achieve at Level 2 English you will need to be able to think for yourself, work independently and in groups, meet deadlines, be willing to contribute to class discussions and be prepared to act on advice and feedback. You will need to have achieved 10 credits in Level 1 English to be considered for this subject.


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