Year 13 Design and Visual Communication

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr E. Peters

Who is this subject intended for: While there is no prerequisite for Level 3 DVC, some experience in the subject would be a definite advantage. Students who choose DVC will have a love of drawing and an appreciation of good design. They will also be somewhat creative and be able to express ideas visually. They will be self-motivated and keen to succeed at a high level. 

What you will learn in this subject: 

Skills: At Level 3, the DVC course is all about independence and self-motivation. Students will learn to design and present high quality solutions to real life design problems. You will use the work of influential designers to inform and guide your work and you will complete high quality drawings and presentations of your ideas. 


  • Spacial Design 
  • Product Design 
  • Design Presentation 
  • Design Exploration  
  • Design Drawing 

Where this subject will lead: While there are many obvious paths that this subject can take you along such as architecture, engineering, product or media design as well as film or television production, there are many other areas of study, careers and interest where the creative and visual communication skills learned in DVC will be extremely transferable. Students who excel in this subject, may choose to submit their work for University Scholarship.

Recommended Prior Learning

Level 3 Design and Visual Communication is really about being self-motivated and being prepared to push yourself toward a successful outcome for the year. You will apply a lot of what you have learnt in previous years of DVC to complete some high quality design solutions. You will need to be prepared to explore other’s design work and discover how their work can influence your designs and ideas. Quality and depth of understanding are the key elements for success in Level 3.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

There is a materials charge of $25.00 approximately which covers the use of more expensive consumables, that it would be prohibitive to expect parents to purchase.

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