Year 12 Art Design/Photography

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr E. Peters

DESN201 - Year 12 Art - Design/Photography
(Please Note: This is a composite class - select for either Design or Photography)
This course requires 1 option.
Who is this subject intended for:
While there is no prerequisite for this subject, Design and Photography are new subjects at Level 2, success at Level 1 would be helpful.

What you will learn in this subject:
Students have the opportunity to develop their strengths and interests by specialising in one of the three Art subjects offered at this level, Painting, Photography or Design. As with Level 1 all work is based on a theme but allows personal input in terms of ideas and technique.
oDemonstrate an understanding of methods and ideas from established practice appropriate to Design or Photography.
oUse drawing methods to apply knowledge of conventions appropriate to Design or Photography.
oDevelop ideas in a series of drawings appropriate to established Design/Photography practice.
oProduce a systematic body of work that shows understanding of Art, making conventions within Design/Photography.
oProduce a resolved work that demonstrates control of skill, appropriate to cultural conventions.
oPlease note that time constraints may mean you are unable to cover all these topics.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

This course may have an optional component which will require payment.

Recommended Prior Learning

Level 2 Art offers you the opportunity of choosing from three stand-alone subjects, Photography/Design. There is a common way of working for these subjects that is quite specific. You must work systematically and your work must show an understanding of Art making conventions and ideas. All Visual Art courses from Level 1 onwards are designed so that you become familiar with this process. The internal standards allow you to become familiar with conventions and ideas associated with the subject you choose. Your folder allows you to mix this information with your own ideas and build a systematic body of work that shows you are making informed decisions about how your work develops.


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