Year 12 Design and Visual Communication

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr E. Peters

Who is this subject intended for:
While there is no prerequisite for Level 2 DVC, some experience in the subject would be a distinct advantage. However, the key requirements for DVC are a love of drawing and design and a desire to have success through hard work.

What you will learn in this subject:
● Skills:
The key skills you will learn or develop in Level 2 DVC are firstly those of drawing. Freehand sketching to quickly explore and develop ideas is a foundation of the course. As well, more formal drawing methods are explored and developed along with the use of Computer technologies to help complete design solutions.
● Content:
Drawing Skills
Product Design
Architectural and Environmental Design
Design Presentation
Appreciation and understanding Design and Designers

Where this subject will lead:
DVC Level 3 and University Scholarship. The Level 2 course may also lead some students toward tertiary diploma courses in various areas of design. However, most higher level study has a level 3 entry requirement. Various options should be discussed with your Careers Advisor.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

There is a materials charge of $12.00 which covers the use of more expensive consumables, that it would be prohibitive to expect parents to purchase.

Recommended Prior Learning

Good organisational skills and reasonable communication skills will be a big advantage to you. An ability to stick at something is also essential. If you are the type of person who flits from one thing to another, then you will struggle with the in depth study that Design requires.


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