Year 7 Materials Technology - Hard Materials

Course Description

Who is this subject intended for:
This subject is intended for those students who enjoy working in a practical workshop environment. You will enjoy working with your hands and finding out about how things work.

What you will learn in this subject:
● Skills:
o You will work with a variety of materials to complete projects.
o You will learn how to safely use the various tools and machines required to complete your project
o You will also learn the various processes involved in design

● Content: Project is negotiated with the group and/or is reflective of individual learning needs.

Where this subject will lead:
Materials Technology – Year 10 and then onto Level 1 NCEA Materials Technology

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

It is absolutely essential that to do well in this subject, you first of all enjoy working in the workshop environment. Secondly, that you are able to take direction. It is also really important that you are able to take pride in your work and have a desire to create some first rate, high quality projects. Good organisational skills will certainly help in your success. With all students taking Materials Technology, it is huge advantage if you are prepared to go beyond what is asked of you in class and be prepared to explore and discover for yourself, how things are made and how they work.

Recommended Prior Learning

Materials costs for your projects, which add up to a total of $45 for the year.

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