Year 13 Art Painting

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr E. Peters

What you will learn in this subject:
This class teaches a n advanced and independent approach to making art, covering the technical aspects of Painting, looking at how the processes and functions inform the strategy of making art; at how the medium or technique exists as the means to realise an idea.

Course Components:
Gain an understanding of many painting methods, such as Acrylic, Oil, Water-colour, Collage, Image transfer (and many more)
Use model Artists to inform your work
Develop your techniques so that you can bring your creativity to its full potential
Develop a Portfolio for NCEA submission

Where this subject will lead:
Build a broad skill base in several painting techniques to move into the Opihi College Level 3 Painting program.
Creativity and lateral thinking leads to enhanced skills in almost any field.

Recommended Prior Learning

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