Year 10 Art

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr E. Peters

Who is this subject intended for:
If students are interested in taking Art in Year 11 they should consider Art as an option at Year 10.

What you will learn in this subject: The programme allows you to develop the skills you will need to be successful at Year 11. During the course you will focus on developing Drawing, Painting and Printmaking skills. 

  • Produce an artwork based on their interpretation of an artist model. 
  • Analysis of an artist models work, look and feel, representation, abstraction, what aspects / elements are emphasized. 
  • Show understanding of composition and point of focus. 
  • Combine symbols / images into a composition, through elements of symmetry, asymmetry, focal point, border & directional lines. 
  • Produce and develop ideas through a series of drawings showing tonal scale, space shallow and depth with the use of Overlapping (layering), Size, Placement, Colour. 
  • Develop ideas in response to different influences and context Produce a woodblock showing their interpretation of an artist model. 
  • Know how to use colour separation to create a woodblock print.
  • Apply practical knowledge to produce artwork in response to a variety to context and medium. 
  • Introduction to photography(beginner).
  • Anatomy proportions and showing movement(introduction)

Recommended Prior Learning

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